More than 5000 customers and distributors around the world rely on Bodytone to equip their facilities.

At Bodytone we take care of our clients throughout the entire process: from contacting us to ask about our products, to giving comprehensive advice to help set up their gym, to creating 2D and 3D designs to help visualise what their new dream gym could look like.

On this page you can find some success stories from gyms equipped with Bodytone as well as from distributors who work with us to help the brand reach worldwide.


Sprinter is a chain of sportswear stores that carry sportswear, casualwear, and equipment and accessories for all different types of sports, such as running, fitness, football, cycling or tennis. They have a wide range of products from leading sports brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, Asics, etc.


Fit21 is a chain of gyms located in Alicante (Spain), which offers its clients unbeatable value for money on fitness classes, tailored to the client’s needs, including classes and/or training sessions such as Zumba, Body Pump, Body Combat, Spinning, Indoor Walking, and Pilates.


Miami Sport Club is a luxury sports centre which combines a healthy lifestyle with fitness at its first class facilities where we find a yoga studio, spinning studio, personal training area, sauna, outdoor pool and much more.


Ultrabikex Fit Zone is considered the gym with the largest number of classes offered in Mérida. Located very close to the Metropolitan Stadium of Mérida, it has, amongst other things, two training floors, a boxing area, and a spinning studio, all with an eco-friendly design.


ImaGym, was one of the first low-cost gym chains in Spain. It offers high quality services 24 hours a day, and has become the benchmark for other gyms with its modern facilities dedicated exclusively to fitness.


Urban Gym is a gym located in Chambray (France) whose facilities are mainly aimed at bodybuilding and cardiovascular training with an excellent fitness room, a personal training area and rooms for fitness classes.


For 20 years at Bodytone, we have helped our clients throughout the entire process of creating their business: from the initial quote request, through to giving comprehensive advice on marketing and design, and finishing with the final assembly. Find out more, with no commitment! Visit our YouTube channel.

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